Genoa, September 2014
Amico & Co has a vast conversion project ongoing: an almost total rebuild and lengthening of an 85m currently underway in the brand new 102m covered dry-dock, started in November last year and scheduled to be completed in record time.

As well as hull lengthening, there is also considerable alteration of the superstructures with the extension of the three decks and corresponding deckhouses, with all works following Lloyds Register SOLAS classification society rules. Engineering-wise, there will be replacement of the main engines and three diesel generators, as well as the shaft lines.

A new beach area has been created on the lower aft deck, with two side folding platforms and a tender bay which converts into a swimming pool.
The deck furniture arrangement has a complete outdoor galley divided into seven modules, with two grills, bespoke teak and maple dining tables to accommodate all 36 passengers and a built-in bar on the sundeck. New teak decking will be laid on three decks and a huge whirlpool with integrated lounge sun pad has been installed on the sundeck. The custom-made hot tub with a 4000 litre capacity can accommodate ten people and be filled and heated in 15 minutes.

Internally, 80% of the interiors will be refurbished or have their layout rearranged and interiors rebuilt, including a 100 square meter Owner’s stateroom, an 150 square meter lounge on the Bridge deck and a spa and relaxation zone, including two steam rooms and two saunas.

Amico & Co is an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

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